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The PO of my car spent a lot of money replacing things and kept most of what he removed and gave them to me. Now I have to store them until I eventually sell the car (not that that seems possible to me).
The question, I guess, is will they add value when/if I sell the car or should I just sell them now.
Of note (all from 40K mile car):
Headers and original exhaust
Stock intake manifold with original carb
Stock distributor
original seat belts
original steering wheel (auto body shop taped it up and tape messed up the leather so he bought a new one)
LeCarra steering wheel
Dash switches

What do you say?

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John -

it took me four years to find all the parts you mentioned and many more to get my Pantera back to the original condition. I also needed the radiator, the fans, the standard steel coolant tubing etc. etc. up to the Goodyear Arrivas. Against the background of  the time and money I needed to spend I would keep the parts. I use to keep all parts I took off of the car anyway to be able to document the history of it so even broken and therefore useless parts  are on the shelf. However - if you want to make your Pantera purchase more reasonable and collect money for future repairs you may make a Pantera enthusiast, as "freaky" as I am , very happy with your original parts.

All the best,


I would keep the top three items, the exhaust system, carb and intake and the dizzy, as well as any other bits like the little hoses and related fittings with the car as they represent the factory emission system as it was in the day. The parts would be of great value to an overseas buyer that has to present their car for initial inspection by the authorities as a stock example.

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