What's the difference between a L model and a GTS.....I've just bought a Pantera and am not sure which it is ...it's a 73 year
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L model
Euro GTS

These are the standard versions.

There were 150 USA GTS cars badged by Ford.

An unknown (to me) number of European GTS cars, which could basically be had with whatever combination of items the buyer asked for.

What is the history of your car? USA or European?

What is the VIN of your car?

Nice looking car, congrats!
The fuel filler on the side would have most likely been added after the car left the factory. It is an excellent upgrade. Fueling a car with out this is a bit of a fire risk.
Pre-L's like yours are a popular favorite and yellow is a good choice of color.
03673..it's a 72 U.S. spec car

Then, to answer your initial question:

You have a Pre-L Pantera.


NOT a European GTS.

It is very likely the gill fuel door was added, as this change did not officially begin until VIN 5001.

But being a deTomaso, it might have been pulled from the assembly line only to be returned at a later date when the gill fuel door was installed. Not likely, but similar weird combinations have turned up on well-documented cars.



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I think Larry answered this one but looking at that picture I see something chromed or shinny lurking in the right rear window location?

If that is what you are talking about then it probably isn't the fuel tank filler but the top of the overflow tank for the cooling system, BUT, the factory race cars of the era, referred to now as the Gp4 cars had two fuel tanks in them.

I never saw details on exactly how the factory modified the fuel system but it sounds like the original fuel tank was left in place, an external filler neck with a Cobra type quick release fuel filler was added, with a corresponding one on the right (passenger) side.

I do not recall ever having seen an original set up in person, pictures of one, or even the parts book illustration of the additional parts.

In any case, if this yellow car has a fuel tank added on the right side it has a high probability (99.9%) that it was added by a previous private owner, BUT where that "cap" is in this picture, is where the additional "fuel tank" would be located.

Hope this doesn't confuse the issue, the matter, or the previous responses?
It's the production fuel filler for the late 73 and up cars.

At one time the parts were like $100 to do the switch over.

Now they are about $900.

Lots of cars got "updated" since filling the tank with the neck in the engine compartment is such a fire hazard.

This car has been updated. It was not built this way.
Thanks....I had no idea..I'm new to these cars....
So I'll ask another question..where can I get the De Tomaso Pantera side decals...I've seen GTS ones and Pantera ones but not the former
There ok but mine's not a GTS....even Hall Pantera don't do a decal that's just De Tomaso Pantera....so I have two choices ....cut the GTS bit off or sell it and buy a GTS....
Hey...if the like the way it looks just leave alone! Hell, it's your Car! Most people won't know the difference.
If your search fails to find what you desire, there is another way to obtain what you want.

Just about any local vinyl sign shop should be able to measure/photograph the current lettering and create, in the same (or very similar) font and size, an entirely new center text section for the stripe decals you currently have.

Carefully remove the existing center stripes and "PANTERA" and replace with the new vinyl lettering.

Or just have a complete new one made and remove all the existing one.

Custom signage like this is really not that expensive. Consider what your purchase price would be if you find one in the USA, add your import and VAT taxes.....

Paying some local bloke to make what you want will also keep those GBP from leaving the Motherland. Wink

Larry's reply offers an excellent suggestion & alternative.

Plus you could take some photos of your Pantera, have them magnified a certain percentage (smaller scale 10" x 18"), then have the new stripe image created to the small scale & overlaid onto your Pantera image & adjusted/altered/scrutinized prior to the final image being created.

in the same vein as "Photo Shopping".

It has been proven by NASA scientists that racing stripes add 20-35hp dependent upon color & width of stripe/s...Mark

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