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Let me start by saying I am the weird guy who is trying to keep his Pantera as original as possible (at least to how the previous owner kept it). Anyway, I have the 15 inch rims (8 in front and 10 inch width in back). As you probably already know, 285/50/15 tires are unobtanium (or so it seems). Everyone is telling me to stop resisting and go up to a 17 inch rim. Thing is, I love the look of the cast rim and silver color. I just personally don't like the look of the billet versions. So, I wanted your advice on two topics:
1.) Anyone know where I can get a 285/50/15 tires for the rear that aren't dry rotted?

2.) Does someone have an idea of a rim style that looks like cast magnesium and painted silver in a 17 inch diameter(heck, I even like old school BBS and OZ rims)?

Thank you very much.
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Boyd Coddington JR. took over the wheel business from his dad when he passed and is making what I think is one of the better looking clone wheels in ANY size you want. I think Mike Daily has the same wheel from Marino in a 16 and 17 on his car. I was able three years ago to get Coddington to make wheels for me in 17's and 18's because I was concerned the tire sizes in 16's were starting to go away. The Coddington wheels look more dimensionally correct compared to most of the billet versions and have depth that make it look right. Coddington made the Campy clones for a number of the Pantera vendors but because of the "design exlcusive" that Pantera East had, the other vendors changed a dimension (such as rotating the center pentagon to change the look which looks funky in my opinion, I know this because Coddington screwed up and made the wrong center on my first set). I also wanted the Coddington wheel because they are DOT approved. When I went to their Torrance warehouse there were wheels stacked from the floor 20' high the size of a football field....I figure if they are making that many wheels you won't have problems as some of the wheels have had in the past.

I guess that contract died when Wheel Pros bought the wheel business American Racing from Coddington Ent. and then somehow Boyd Jr. got custom wheel business from Wheel Pros. and still have all the CNC data and makes the Campy wheels. I just helped another So Cal Pantera owner get some wheels...but since then I'm told that anyone can now get the wheels.

Boyd Jr. will also have them powder coated in a zillion different colors...he farms out the powder coating to a So Cal company that I have talked to and as I recall they can use any PPG color. Boyd Jr. can make the wheel hoop from a forging which he says reduces the weight by 15% which is one of the biggest issues when going to the newer style wheels vs the magnesium Campy originals.

Just went to his website and here is his Campy clone wheel

The pricing looks to be almost double what I paid three years ago. Take a look at the depth and compare the detail between the slots and the hoop vs. the original campys. The wheel in the picture has a smooth wheel lip...I got the traditional looks more correct, but is a matter of taste. In addition you can get ANY back spacing you desire so if you have a flared car, non-flared, you can get what fits.

I will post a few pictures of my wheels later tonight. The quality is amazing.
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