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There are several specialty insurance companies out there willing to insure your pantera and at a reasonabe cost. Mike Dailey has some of them listed on his website
I am currently insured with Allstate, but they only do "stated value" policies and we should really have "agreed value" policies for our panteras.
I'm also interested in what others have. Does anyone know anything about Rally Insurance? They sponsor several car shows in my area.
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I use Hagerty ( They are a good company. I had an 'agreed value' policy for 35k that cost me $273 a year. There was no deductible and the only stipulations were that you had a primary vehicle, and nuclear destruction was not covered. There was no mileage limitation or driving stipulations. Their attitude is: 'These are peoples babies and we know they are going to take care of them and make sure they're safe'.

I got tapped in the rear before I sold my '74 and they felt that the other guys insurance wasn't giving me enough to properly fix the damage so they gve me a supplement and it didn't affect my rate.

I still use Hagerty for my '86 5-S, but it falls under a different category than my '74 because it is not yet 25 years old. Same policy, much higher agreed amount, much higher (yet still very reasonable) premium. On top of all this, I get flatbed service and other amenities.

I say you at least check them out. Good luck!

Leyland West has just come on as a sponsor for PI and they want to capture the Pantera market. As for Haggerty, they paid off a total loss settlement on a Pantera stat! Very impressive. JC Taylor is also quite good. We also recommend Mr. Jim Light an agent for Farmers. He can write in California and Arizona. Farmers rates are very competitive and you have local branches. You can call Jim to get a quote to compare at: 909-798-1911. He knows a lot about cars and will take care of you as well. Dave
I used to use Leyland West. When my garage caught fire about 3 years ago I had to file a claim on my Pantera for some damage. Not only were they hard to deal with when filing a claim, it took them over 6 months to finally settle it. I WILL NEVER use them again.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Whiplash:
Leyland West has just come on as a sponsor for PI and they want to capture the Pantera market.
I use Haggerty and am extremely satisfied. On the 4th day of ownership, my pantera was damaged by a dancer at the freemont display in 2001. I received a $3,500 settlement from haggerty before I sent in my payment for insurance. They were very easy to work with and did not give me any hassles whatsoever. They are absolutely awesome!
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