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Hi and thanks for looking at my problem.

I pulled my Pantera in today. Drivers window was going up and down fantastically along with the passenger window. Then, the drivers window went down and I can't get it back up. Took the door apart and I can hear it clicking both up and down but no movement. Switch?  Just asking before I do something really stupid. Also, the plastic manual knob won't budge it.

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From a previous discussion:

1) The curvature of the window frame by the door handle is not quite exactly like the curvature of the glass. The glass pushes hard on the outside of the curve at mid way when the glass is fully up. This is the area of resistance. Can't really do anything about that. Once the window gets down about 4", it really zips up or down with speed. It slows drastically at that same spot going up also.
2) The slider bar is not exactly parallel to the guides containing the weatherstrip in the front or rear & can't be adjusted enough.
3) The motor has less power as it gets hotter from going up & down, during testing.

My optimum adjustment:

1) Leave a little play on the 4 wheels that go up & down the slider bar.
2) 1 or 2 washers behind the slider bar at the top seem to angle the glass more in the direction of the guides containing the weatherstrip.
3) I just removed the bolt holding the buttom of the guide altogether and this let it sort of float and gave the window the best speed improvement. It can be removed or reinstalled without even taking the door panel off, so this can be a 2 minute test to see if it helps.
4) One of the 'S' brackets holding the catwhiskers on the bottom horizontal car door was rubbing on the glass, so it got removed and flattened some.
5) The contacts on the electric motor were cleaned and the connectors were tightened a little with some long nose pliers before puhing them back on.

First.  Thank you to everyone for your help. Its nice to have others who are more knowledgable, been thru it and know what not to do.

When I got it all done, took everyones advice, it only went up half the way. I quite that night and just called it a day or two or three. Went back to it last night and just for giggles, tried to roll the window up and guess what. No problem. Just like someone said, the motor was just as tired as I was that night and quite. It needed a little time. so, definitely let the motor cool off a little before trying it again. Works great now!  Thanks again

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