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I had to do some research and found out that prior to 2000 there is no decade identifier (some tires in the '90's had a small triangle following the date to identify the decade, but not all) so theoretically 508 could be 50th week of 1988 or 1998.

Originally posted by Ottocilindri:
Hi Julian,

Do you know how many digits they used in the 80's? I do have some Pirelli's with 508 on them. Since they are completely dried out I expected they where out of 1988.

I have had 2 sets of P7s. They dry rotted between the treads long before they were worn out. I still hope someday Pirelli makes a fresh batch. Italian tires just seem more correct than the Toyos (very good tires!) for the Pantera.
As I've mentioned many times, Pirelli DOES still make P7s in modern compounds, in their specialty plant in northern Turkey. Several of us successfully bought 2008-dated P7Rs, W-rated by the U.S. DOT, thru the Swedish DeTomaso Klub that went in with the British Lambo club for a 200-tire order. A few of the Pantera vendors get these in 275-55WR15, 295-50VR-15 and other sizes, but only on an allocation basis. PPC-Reno will order 10 tires and get 2; he re-orders 15 and gets 1...
Call your favorite vendor and get on the list. You will not find them cheap, and they are NOT on sale at the Tires-R-Us but they are available, in several 15" sizes. Or, I'll buy that pair of old dusty 10"x 15 Campys and you can go to shiny 16-20" wheels....
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