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Grab bag of bits here!
3- ZF input throw-out bearing support bolts- new

Shifter selector box (on side of ZF) input shaft seal- New

Pilot bearing seal for Dash 1 with the pilot bearing extension holder. New rubber style.     Originally this was a cork seal, but I found this in my search for a suitable replacement!   Original pilot bearings are needle bearing style. This is supposed to help keep the grease in!

$20 for the lot, plus $3 shipping.

Also have another set of the three pilot bearing support screws if that's all you need. $15 shipped First class.


Images (5)
  • 102_1719: The Lot
  • 102_1720: Selector Shaft Seal...and bolts
  • 102_1721: Pilot Bearing Seal
  • 102_1722: Pilot Bearing Seal
  • 102_1723: Selector Shaft Seal
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