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Hello again Pantera community…..  it’s been a while!   Nope… I didn’t fall off the earth… I‘ve been restoring a few of my daughter’s cars with her.  Most notably a 1969 Boss 302 clone.  Then, I built another GT40 … but now, finally pulled 05843 from the back of the barn.  I’ve been concerned for years that the rust which was generally speaking minimal at the time of purchase (almost a decade ago) has continued to creep.  For that reason, my focus for right now is “preservation”.  And, as the current caretaker of 5843, I wanted to share and document the process.

Got my first positive surprise when I popped the trans off, and found a billet wheel and center force dual friction PP & clutch.  😎👍



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Hi Larry, sorry…. I should’ve been more clear, as preservation can have different meanings. My intention is… to strip it down to the chassis, and have it sandblasted (gently 😂). With the idea to stop any rust that exists. The key mission here… Kill the cancer. Based on other project priorities, I will then either tackle the metal work now and put it into epoxy primer/sealer… or go straight to epoxy/sealer.  

I pulled my zf in the car when I painted the engine bay. I allowed the clutch disc to get wet and it rusted to the flywheel. I tried breaking it loose by driving the car and when it DID break, it looked like a shreaded bird was inside the pressure plate. Please use caution and the finest media you can to Lightly strip with sand blasting. I have stripped hundreds of cars and I can reccomend NOT using any media on the exterior body panels. I prefer a chemical strip. As a body shop, I am allowed to buy BENCO B17, it still has the MEC in it that makes it work. I will strip undersides and door jambs with the fine media, just NOT the exterior panels. Those are some fine cars you built there!   Have fun, Bill


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  • west pantera stripped

Hey Rocky…!  Great to hear from ya.  Hope life’s been treating ya OK. 😊.   Glad to know someone noticed I was missing 🤣

I have no clue about the -1 box.  Was in there when I got it.   Would really prefer to find someone needing one for a proper restoration and swap with them, as I obviously need a -2 for mine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ok….so….. what’s the shittiest job in a Pantera restoration?  In my opinion….. gettin the damn pedal assembly out!   I hate it every time🤣.  And every time… I say.. who the f@#k came up with this design and fastening concept!?!?  If still alive, should be whipped with a wet noodle…repeatedly🤣   Anyway…. Got the damn thing out🙄


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@robborruso posted:

Ok….so….. what’s the shittiest job in a Pantera restoration?  In my opinion….. gettin the damn pedal assembly out! 

I'd say stripping the original tar-based undercoating from the engine compartment.  But then again, I've never removed the complete pedal assembly.

Anyway, you're my hero Rob!  You have amazing metalworking skills, a big garage, and make appreciable progress in a very short time!  I wish I were so proficient and efficient with my many projects!

So, got a bit distracted w disassembly yesterday thinkin about what to do regarding the trans.   Went out to the storage barn and dug a -2 that I had stashed out there years ago (full to lid w/ gear lube 😉) .  I’m thinkin I’ll go through this box and use, as it’s more appropriate and sell the -1.  So if you or anyone you know is needing a -1 for “that proper” build project, plz DM me.  


It’s sometimes fortunate to be a parts hoarder…. My wife says I need to go into a 12 step program… But I just tell her she doesn’t get it.  🤣.   Yesterday was one of those days. I was pretty certain I remember seeing a bell housing in the attic sometime ago.  Bingo!!   😎👍



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Hi Otis, thx….  
regarding the color change… fully agreed.   Much more thorough than I anticipated I’d find.   I fully agree, I would speculate it was done at the time of the accident. The dash substructure is even painted. I think the front clip had been replaced and the car had been stripped down to do the repair work.  They did a good job.

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