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If you were going to compare these two car with each other, both completely stock, apples to apples, pros and cons of both, how do they stack up? The guy with the two yellow cars probably has a good insight. I have never even touched a GT 40 and never even sat in a Pantera until about a year ago when I bought mine. I'm just curious because I always wanted a GT40 ever since I got a Cox powered version back in the 60's for a Xmas gift.   

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The gt40 is an era manufactured and they are very close to the orig. mine has a 302 by Danbury competition engines.  It is a 331 with  weber stack and 5sp zf.

Pedal configuration in the gt40 is nicer than the Pantera.

She sticks to the ground at  120-and above while the Pantera in stock configuration gets nose light.

You are like a sardine in both as I am 6ft1 and 260 but fit in both.

The pantera has all new bushings, shocks and a light cam and runs out nice.

The 40 is faster as it is lighter and a little more horsepower but both are not made for 0-60.

Th gt40 will put that shit eating grin on your face every time so if you have the opportunity to own one do it.

I have had a few pantera's even a 87 GT5-s and will say this yellow one by far has the best ride.

for your enjoyment

Local speed limits were Always adhered to everyone was just driving very slow.

The GT-40 rear suspension is closer to a Mangusta rear suspension than a Pantera,  with no upper rear a-arms. The Mangusta needs that bushed upper link sawed off on each side and replaced with Heim joints. This according to Johnny Woods, totally cures the odd handling of the 'Goose. The GT-40 already had those heims.

The GT-40 had shorter-than-desirable front upper a-arms to make room for the FIA-mandatory spare tire. Hopefully ERA fixed that- it caused handling difficulties. The Pantera is different here, too- its front suspension design reportedly came from Dallara's 1969 F-2 open-wheel racer.

Donny, one Pantera owner liked GT-40s sooo much, he began modifying his Pantera to simulate it. He fitted a GT-40 dash & instruments, GT-40-look wheels, seat upholstery with ventilation eyelets and a host of other small things. He's gone now but his Pantera is still floating around the country. Note that actually driving a GT-40 or a faithful kit in traffic without AC is a true sauna-experience! Ventilation or fresh air is non-existent at low speeds.

You will be surprised how many Pantera owners also own (or have owned) a GT40, I could list off at least 10 easily.

I took the Pantera on a 2,500 mile round trip to Canada, I would not dream of doing that in my GT40, it's a much rawer experience, but I'm old school and my GT40 is a faithful RHD reproduction, the only way they should be!

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