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Sorry to be difficult.  the V406 is the right color code which is not grabber blue.

The 1971 pantera med blue is not grabber blue it is a darker richer color and almost has a tint of  purple in it.

you can look up pantera blue on this webbpage.

the paint chip shown is close.  Definitely not grabber blue which is lighter and brighter.

I am looking for a new paint formula for this color.

My 71 was originally blue.  From the small fragments I have found, it does in no way look like your chip sample above.  And the picture of the car on Hemming's is in very poor lighting and looks way off.  I can only tell you what the blue on my car looks like and I know it was never repainted that blue.  Somebody repainted it red, probably in an effort to sell it because the blue is either a color you love or hate.  


In the pic of the blue car with owner (?), besides the black pin striping, the blacked out chrome trim, and the body color mirror, the lower body black paint has been extended above the rocker panel / door sill line and wrapped around the lower rear quarters.  Just sayin'.  

Phil's car was repainted French Blue.  The reason that I know this is that I put Phil in touch with a NorCal owner that had that French Blue color on his Pantera and Phil got the info from him.  Also, Phil has moved to Florida.


This is all I know about the colors, and I've researched them pretty thoroughly. The top chart showing Medium blue is the color. These are early colors. The lower blue would be the Grabber color since it wasn't offered early on, these should would be 72 1/2 - 74 colors.

Many people have tried to get these codes mixed. I don't know of many success stories. I got that picture by simply searching "blue Pantera"


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I had the same problem with my car, 1490, May 1971.  The Marti report stated that my car was one of 87 cars painted "Grabber Blue".  The only blue listed in the De Tomaso 1971 paint chart is called "Medium Blue", paint code V406.  

1490 was originally painted "Lime" (V307).  The lime green is everywhere.  

I called Kevin Matri and told him that the report was not correct.  He asked me what was the correct color of the car.  At that moment, I had to make a split second decision. If I told him "you tell me", he would probably just say Grabber Blue.  If I told him "Lime", I would probably receive a "corrected" report showing Lime as the color.  I received a "corrected" report.  


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