Hi ,
I was looking for a set of 1977 Pantera seats.
any condition .
The Netherlands

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Hello Simon, I don't know the difference between 72 seats and 77 seats.


But I have a pair of 72 seats recovered with the correct material and never refitted. and a pic from the Detomaso stand at the NEC Birmingham 2 weeks ago



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Peter and Bosswrench,thanks for the reply

I already founs a set of good used '77 seats.

Just still looking on a set GT5-GT5-S seats.


I bought a set of seats about a year ago because of the ratchet mechanism, they have been recovered but not nice, I think they may have been GT5 seats originally but not sure I can send you pictures if you send me your email address.



Depending on how tall you are, Simon, the GT-5 seats may not fit you very well if added to a std narrow body Pantera. GT-5 seats were thickly padded in base and back and have back-rake adjustment.  So to compensate, the floorpans are dropped in many later Panteras. Stock early Panteras do not have dropped floorpans.

Bosswrench , thanks for your advice .

I am tall, but I was planned to use them into a GT5 whit a dropped floorpan.








I need to recover my seats as well in a Pantera L 1972. I like to replace the plastic leather by real leather. the seat is not comfortable anymore and need to replace the foam inside as well. Is there any seat foam already available which fit into the seat ? thanks, Uli

The foam sold by SACC works great! A very obvious bit of advice that I got from Scott, but which I had not thought of, is to put the foam on, put the seat in the car and test sit it, before putting on the vinyl again... I did not do this when I did my first seat and found my self sitting a lot too high in comparison with the old collapsed foam (that foam was also the original type he sold which was much firmer than that which he sells now, that seat is now on the passenger side - lucky that wifey has long legs and short torso compared to me). After talking to Scott, and getting the newer type foam, I did the second seat, after a test sit, I took out an inch of foam from the bottom (I have a 1974 Pantera), test sit again, then put the new SACC vinyl on!!! All is well, my head doesn't hit the room, the seat is comfy and my butt doesn't go to sleep :-)

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Uli, when I had our seats redone with new foam and leather by California's Mike Cook in '90, I told him the seats must fit both myself (6'2") and wife Judy (5'3"). Stock early seat backs can easily be made adjustable in rake, so Mike removed the rearmost seat base crossmember and bent it into a shallow arc facing back before adding new foam and a leather cover. Thus when a shorter driver sits more upright with the seat adjusted forward, the seat base crossmember does not touch the tailbone. Tall drivers slouch a bit with the seat slid back, so the altered crossmember doesn't intrude on them either way. Simple and well worth doing if multiple drivers are involved, especially on long drives.

Hi guys, thank you for the input. I will double check the seat by Pantera Seat Identification and order the foam. I am sure but would like to have it confirmed, my 3975 from July 1972 is a "late" version. (the electronic circuit diagram fit to my version) reg. Uli

From the side, it appears to be a '73-up one piece seat although can't see the top where an adjustable height headrest should be. These seats cannot be made adjustable for seat back rake and the one piece seat frame tends to crack where the back and base are welded together. Nice reupholstery job, though.

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