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I just spent a few hours going through the family calendar for this year planning what we'll be doing and when, but made sure I blocked some dates for car shows I hope to attend (weather permitting).

So here's a post on some day-long events, and if others have dates they can share for good shows, hopefully we'll be able to get a few more cars together over the coming months (e.g. Dates for Race the Runway, and Montebello etc. NOTE: the ICD website below contains dates for a number of events so it's a good reference too)

1) August 8 - Italian Car Day in Woodbridge Ontario ... ICD 2015

2) July 19 - Tim and Brenda's in King City ...

3) ?July 11? - Classics on Kent in Lindsay ... Classics on Kent

Thanks to Dave in SWO for the suggestion!
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