Team, in congunction with Gerry at Great Lakes Pantera I would like to draw your attention to a planned event that would include a Pantera cruise, a structured tour of Ford's 5.0 Engine Plant, dinner with senior Ford Management, a tour of the Edsel Ford estate and a photo op (Like Alessandro in front of Ford HQ). Please register early, all funds go to JDRF. Hope to see a large contingent of our family! DC


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Gentle Reminder of the pending August Homecoming Event. An Ad was inserted in this months Pantera communication. Should be a good time with solid and informative Executive dinner speakers. Watch a 5 liter be built and come off the assembly line, tour the Edsel Ford mansion and get your picture infront of Ford HQ just like our founder did. Hope to see the Ford parking lot filled with Pantera's. One week later is the Woodward Dream Cruise and the hotel will discount those who want to stay all week......just saying.
Team, we have 20 cars registered as of today. The earlier the better for plant security reasons we need a list prior to the day. If your interested please sign up. Should be fun, informative and event to remember. Media has been alerted. hope to see you and your Pantera there! The Holiday Inn has a restaurant called Grill 55 and they are providing security to watch over our cars.
Team, for security clearance reasons the earlier you register the better. Please note the modified information poster courtesy of the South East Pantera club. Hope to see a large contingency of our cars. Media has been informed and will be in force. Thanks


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Team, hotel discounts expire June 8th. The hotel is willing to extend discounts to those who register and want to stay the week for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Not pushing just reminding. Thanks


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Team, 20 cars have committed. Meet the Godfather of the Ford GT, Raj Nair and an undisclosed member of the Ford Family. Advance registration required for security purposes. Any questions let me know. Driving in Canada is no different than US


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2017 Pantera Homecoming - Gentle Reminder - Dash Plaques for the event are on order.

AS an added bonus to the event, the Ford family has just offered a free lunch to all registered and paid partipants while touring the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Mansion on Saturday August 12.

Please do not be disappointed, register soon for security reasons. We do not want to have to turn anyone away from this unique experience.

6 week count down. Some answers to IM questions that may help you decide;
1/. Driving in Canada is the same as US.
2/. Passport or enhanced drivers license required to cross border.
3/. Security is provided by hotel to watch vehicles
4/. Woodward dream cruise is following weekend
Please continue to IM me if you have any questions about this unique event. Thanks DC
Originally posted by dave cantagallo-canada #4072:

1/. Driving in Canada is the same as US. DC

Bethany they don't have Posted highway speed at 100 !

Ok we do it in kilometres.
IM question of the day; yes photo op at Ford HQ will be a group and also individual like Alessandro. If you want to mirror this picture register now. Ford Land requires names for property, Ford security requires names for Plant and Mansion tour. Thanks


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Confirmation recieved today that HQ will be supplying a 2017 Ford GT for the event. Raj Nair, a Ford GT and dinner. Does not get better than that! Register quickly as the window is starting to close! Keep the IMs coming if you have any other questions. DC
5 weeks until event! Thursday check in and group cruise to brews and cues. Friday cruise to Ford 5.0 engine plant for a tour and car show. Friday night dinner with Raj Nair a 2017 Ford GT and a member of Ford family. Sat cruise to Edsel Ford mansion for lunch, then off to Ford HQ for photo shoot! All this for $110 and hotel. All funds for JDRF!


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Originally posted by dave cantagallo-canada #4072:
T shirt design! order yours now. $25

Nice! I am honored you used the photo of my car. Well done. Thumbs Up!
2 weeks left.....would love more representation! Registration bags ready, Raj ready, a 2017 Ford GT in the hotel lobby will be ready........this will be something to remember! DC
Team, A Coyote Crate Engine has just been donated to the Homecoming event and will be raffled off at dinner. Time is ticking, register now. Send me questions if you have them. Hope to see even more Pantera's now! DC
A Coyote Crate Engine has just been donated to the Homecoming event and will be raffled off at dinner

Well done! Sure wish I could be there! Have fun!
Registration grab bag includes Ford GT poster, Ford racing lanyard with ID badge, key chain , dash plaque and hat pin.....registration still open don't miss this Pantera dual country event! DC
Pantera Homecoming visit to Windsor Operations (EEP)
Thursday August 10, 2017
Preliminary Agenda – subject to change
5 p.m. Participants arrive at Holiday Inn Suites- register to event/lanyards
6 p.m. Group drive to Brews and Cues Restaurant- welcoming party
Friday August 11, 2017
9 a.m. Group gathers in hotel parking lot – group drive to Essex Engine Plant
On-route photographer to take vehicle pictures
10 a.m. Vehicles position themselves at West Side of Plant – tours to commence
11 a.m. Hotdog/hamburger sales at car show
4 p.m. Vehicles return to hotel in group drive
Ford GT on display at lobby of hotel
5 p.m. Hotel to open banquet hall for guest arrivals- dinner served
7 p.m. Introductions- Information on Windsor Gathering- D. Cantagallo
7:30 p.m. Raj Nair to address group- confirmed
Ford family to address group- confirmed
Raffle results for Donated Engine
Saturday August 12, 2017
9 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Vehicles to gather at hotel - cross border at Windsor Tunnel
Group drive to Edsel and Eleanor Ford Mansion- tour
12 noon lunch served at Mansion
1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Group drive to World HQ for photo opportunity in front of building
2:30 p.m. Vehicles return to Windsor Hotel via Ambassador Bridge

7:00 p.m. Possible cruise downtown Windsor

Sunday August 13
10: 00 a.m. Guests depart
Slight proposed modification for Saturday night. Windsor's Little Italy has invited the group to drive down their closed street and park in front of a restaurant as part of the St. Angela Merici celebration. The chair was asked for a discounted menu should the group decide to attend! FYI. DC

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