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Good Day Fellow Automotive Enthusiasts,

So many of you have been asking if there are plans for another Ford/Great Lakes Pantera sponsored JDRF event. Hopefully the attached information will keep your pistons humming and heart pounding until the newly announced September event. A block of rooms has been quarantined at the historic Dearborn Inn at the Ford corporate rate. New this year is the addition of Gary Patterson, President of Shelby Motors and his wife Sarah joining the event and executive dinner.

A tour of the Historic Rouge complex will include the new Shelby Motor assembly line, The Electric BEV Truck line and the Dearborn Truck Assembly Plant. Saturday’s events are still in the planning stage but you should not be disappointed. Here is to making 2022 more successful than both the 2017 and 2019 events.


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As of today (June 1) 14 Pantera's and 1 Mongoosta have registered. Dearborn Inn is holding rooms until Augusts 12th at the Ford rate ($152). Confirmed tour of new Shelby Engine Line, New Electric F150 line and F150 assembly Plant. Dinner with Ford VP of Mfg and Gary Patterson of Shelby American. Day trip will either be another Proving Ground event or a run to Edsel Fords Mansion to meet and greet. Let me know if you have any questions.


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