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Hi guys just thought I'd share my Mosport track day with everyone.
I run Mosport every year with the Ferrari club but this year decided to bring my Pantera. We are aloud to bring our other cars and run in the "Misti" group which is mixed marquee.
So my Pantera is a January 72 car.
I had my motor removed and rebuilt 2 years ago. Nothing crazy and it dynode at 293 HP at the rear wheels so I think I'm 340? At the crank.
Transmission was removed and inspected. No mods.
Hall rad with Mirra fans.
71 Ford Closed chamber heads.
Mild cam to take advantage of heads.
650 with edelbrock performer intake.
Edlbrock aluminum high flow water pump.
180 Robert shaw.
Romac balencer
Armondo 10 Q pan.
Rebuilt Stock brakes with stock proportioning valve solid rotors and R4S pads.
Suspension is stock but 100% rebuilt with all new Bushings and lowered to give the car a flat stance.
Shocks are double adjustable from Pim.
Tires and rims are wide Campi clones from PIM with P0's.
Hall big bore exhaust.
New stock u- joints.
I think that's about it.
Anyway. I ran 4 ×20 minute sessions full out at 5500 RPM most of the time.
Back straight got me to 125 MPH. for you guys who run track days the amount of cornering and braking and ecelerating is hard on the car and exhausting.
The ouside temperature was about 33 c. The cooling system was bullet proof ,actually seamed to run less than 180.
Brakes were great with no fade. Aluminum rims were real hot to the touch and you can imagine the solid rotors were scorching.
The tires and fenders had a lot of rubber balls on them witch was cool to see.
I guess im trying to let everyone know that with the research I did and the parts and components I chose you can have a bullet proof track day car and have a ton of fun. Any of the Ontario and Quebec guys who know my car can also vouche for the fact that inside and out my Pantera looks pretty factory. Hope this helps some of you guys make decisions when choosing parts. All parts were track tested.
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