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Nobody cares if you have original shocks & springs or not. Going to aluminium bodied adjustable modern replacements will improve the car dynamically and save 36lbs in weight (half of that unsprung).

If you do decide to install your hood vents, make sure you fold all 4 edges of the holes and then weld the folded edged together in the corners to stop it flexing. If you dont weld the corner a crack may appear sooner or later. I wish I had welded mine...I will next time.

That's another reason why I'm hesitant on the grilles. I've heard of hoods warping and scraping. Thanks for the tip Johnny. I got them from Hall and was told I would get mounting instructions with them, all I got was a paper template with two rectangles...

By your comment about next time, I'm assuming you would recommend adding them given a proper installation?

Also, when the car was restored, the shocks were restored as well. I just wish they would have removed the spacers while at it.


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Yes, I recommend installing the hood vents. I like the look of them, and I think they help the cooling a bit with the radiator in it's original location, but if you lay the radiator forward a couple of inches this uncovers them entirely and improves things further still.

I have installed a much thinner aluminium radiator, and in doing so have almost uncovered the vents without laying it forward.

Your hood will not warp if you have a good metal man. How far away are you from Ron Fournier's shop!

Originally posted by duz185:
Thanks guys! I've also bought the hood grilles from Hall but I'm on the fence on whether to cut the holes and install them. My car does not have any cooling problems but I love how they look. I can't find any concrete evidence proving that they improve or impede cooling.

If you car is overheating, the vents won't solve the problem. My two cent's worth is that you add them if you like the look, not because you want to really improve cooling. There are plenty of Panteras out there with un-cut hoods that run perfectly cool.

Two more of my cents says that I like the look of the grills, but it is your car so do what you think looks best. Later Euro-GTS cars had the grills, so you aren't really deviating too much from the original design by installing them.
Originally posted by Husker:
Is there a step by step method of removing the spacers or is it as obvious as it sounds? Any tips or lessons learned you might share?

The maintenance manual describes how to remove the shocks and the springs. If you don't have it, PM me and I can PDF you the relevant pages. Regarding the spacers - two words - "AIR HAMMER".

This thread has some other suggestions:

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