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Happily my '72 Pre-L is soon ready to hit the road again. It all started when my totally stock engine of less than 40k miles failed due to a broken camshaft. I then decided to have the engine built into a 380 c.i. stroker and gained over 200 hp in the process. I cleaned up the engine bay and painted to match the exterior color. Also ran the wiring harnesses and a/c hoses in the body cavities to further clean up the bay. My wife said if you want to do anything else, now's the time.

OK, say no more. My goal was to improve the car while keeping the outward appearance stock looking except for the Campy clones. Upgrades were done to cooling, a/c, electrical, suspension, brakes and exhaust. All that remains is the dash and interior pieces are being wrapped in leather. Kudos to Dennis and Adam Quella, Jon Haas, Ipsco, Ron McCall for their products and services and dedication to making these great cars even greater. Also, thanks to the members of this forum for their help along the way.



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Percy, engine bay brace came from Pantera Performance. The lower brace mounting pads might be intended to be welded in place but I chose to bolt them instead.

I can't answer if the luggage tub will fit as I haven't tried it. I didn't want to risk scratching the paint and I don't intend using it any way. I'm sure that Dennis at Pantera Performance could answer that question.

Initially , I was going to use the original evaporator with new compressor, condenser and dryer for r134. I bought a hose kit that had flare fittings on one end for the evaporator and o ring fittings for the new parts. The 2 hoses that are hidden in the fender cavity had to be longer than stock. Later since I had removed the dash anyway, I decided to replace the evaporator with a new aluminum one. It came with a new POA valve that uses o ring fittings. Having the dash out made this pretty easy. I also replaced all of the foam rubber pieces in the evaporator box. I had to remake the hoses for the new evaporator as they now needed o ring fittings. I bought bulk a/c hose and had new fittings crimped locally. Buying bulk hose and fittings from an a/c supply company saves money and you can dial in the length perfectly. I routed the hoses without the fittings to determine the length and then marked the hose ends and fittings exactly the way I wanted them crimped. I need to give my son credit for his help on my Pantera project and now it will be payback for his GT40 build. Hope this helps.

That is the original condenser fan unit. I had the fan shroud powder coated. We ran the hoses through the firewall stock hole and down the console following the original path using all of the original hose clamps. I enlarged the hole in the engine bay to accommodate both hoses. Then the hoses and wiring harness were put in the cavity and we covered them with a piece of 1/8" aluminum that was 4" wide by about 14" long. The aluminum was fastened with (3) 10-24 nut serts so it's easily removable. The wiring harness reached the plug easily. I can take a picture of the aluminum cover if you like.

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