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I just removed my distributor to provide more visibility for an intake manifold swap. I expected a typical dist with a longer shaft and a drive gear attached. This aftermarket electronic dist (no brand names anywhere) had a short stub shaft, with a female slot that engages the drive gear with a male end, that remains in the block. I have seen this setup on older Mopars (drive gear is mounted to the oil pump driveshaft) but not on a Ford Cleveland? Everything works fine.

Is this aftermarket arrangement unusual for a 351 Cleveland?


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That sounds…. interesting?

I haven’t seen anything like that.  The engines / distributors I have seen have the gear mounted at a very specific height on the distributor shaft.  I’m sure with a small amount of googling you can find the “stock” setup illustrated…..

There used to be a good number of posts about the Ford “gear rotor” oil pump that could halt momentarily (instantaneously?) on small bits of debris, and this effect could make the distributor drive shaft (which, IIRC, was made of the same steel as coat hanger wire) look like a wrought iron twisted curtain rod!

But again…  I haven’t seen everything…  my guess is there is someone out there who has seen your configuration before…


Here’s a picture of what I’m used to seeing…



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