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Why does the tube extend so far into the block? My stock dipstick is beat up and is loose as a goose where it goes into the block. I tried sealing it with Black Ultra RTV and it slowed it down but, it's still leaking. Is there better quality dipstick and tube with O-ring type lower connection that readily available??

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Larry - that is a sweet looking dipstick . So slick.

I did upgrade my beaten up old dipstick tube with a new stainless unit from Halls. Fit was pretty good and I backfilled the engine with exactly the right volume of oil ( in my case a shaving over 7 liters with the hungry sump)  and then trimmed the tube back to show the correct level on the original dipstick with this volume.

Works well and is easy to access.

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I got my POS dip tube to quit leaking and then I found out I had another slight leak coming from the lower driver side of the timing cover. I elected to remove the engine to see what was up cause it looked to be doable with engine in but a pain in the ass ( 2 hours and 15 min to yank the engine. ) I found the Speedmaster timing cover I bought was defective ( the name should be Leakmaster ) The radiused seal holder welded to the cover is missing a small section of material that should mate with the block and support the seal. I wish I would have looked at it closer when I assembled the engine. One more hard lesson to learn, so I will not by anything with name Speedmaster on it ever again. Don't make the same mistake I did. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

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