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Four POCA/Pantera Club of Northern California members entered the August 7th Mini Nats Ford Fest 2022 car show staged behind those huge start/finish grandstands in the paddock below - Paul Fahndrick with his red '73 L, Ron Southern with his yellow/black '73 L, Mike Drew with his '72 pre L, and...


Tom Leonard with his '06 Ford GT, which drew a lot of attention all day, even while surrounded with a veritable plethora of Cobras.


Not one of the quiver was an original/authentic/7 figure$/CSX# Cobra, but that's ok because even those reproductions are still gloriously fast, beautiful Fords.


When the car show awards presentation time came around, Mike Drew's Pantera was awarded the "President's Choice" trophy.


Mike displayed this smile for the rest of the afternoon, while also anticipating driving his favorite route back to Vacaville via the Lake Berryessa twisty bits with his trophy. Good Show Mike!



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I inadvertently omitted including Chad Aanenson, our 5th POCA/PCNC member who also attended last weekend's Mini Nats. He spent Saturday's on track sessions roaring around those 2 1/2 twisty miles with thisimage13-1 beautiful track dedicated Mustang that he has owned/engineered/built since high school, one of his Pantera's other stable mates. Nice racer, Chad!


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