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From the registry, dtd.1/16/17:

My understanding is that a previous owner who built the engine, Rob Kazen, bought my car (with the damaged block) and another Pantera that was in rough shape but with a good block. I guess he essentially parted out the rougher car to build mine (#3651). Last night I found the numbers "3648" hand written in yellow on the underside of the rear luggage tray. I did a quick search on the registry and #3648 has no info listed for it. It's just speculation on my part, but I'm guessing that #3648 was the parted-out car. Unfortunately, I have no idea what ever happened to the rest of that car after mine was completed.

@Husker, that is great information.  #3648 was completely restored in 1986 when I bought it.  It was originally Red, and on the backside of my firewall cover, it is written in yellow "Red Sled".  I have a great rear luggage tub (tray) if you would ever want to trade or sell your tub.  Now I just need to find the person that bought #3648 after it was parted out.  Do you still have the #3648 351C?

I will share another interesting clue, is my rear shock brace is what I was told is one of a kind and that it was hand made by the previous owner of #3648, see picture

#3648 Rear Shock Brace


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  • #3648 Rear Shock Brace

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