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4406 is on the road and is almost complete.
The engine is already pushing strong although the carburetor tunning is not yet complete.

I find it very comfortable for a sports car and very stable at high speed, it does not deviate from its trajectory in a curve when it encounters a bump.

To save a little space and above all to have lateral support, I replaced the original seats which I carefully keep on a shelf with slightly modified leather Miata seats.

But I still have one problem to solve, the brakes, they work but the travel of the pedal is variable, sometimes very short, sometimes it lengthens.
My braking system is now very simple, I removed the brakebooster, the shuttle valve and the pressure limiter and I installed a double master cylinder with mechanical distributor.

A l'avant j'ai les étriers d'origine et à l'arrière des étriers Brembo à 4 pistons.

I've purged, purged, repurged, in vacuum, pumping the pedal and I'm pretty sure there isn't a single air bubble left in the system.
I was able to see that when the stroke lengthens, it is the rear circuit which is at fault, as if the pistons had moved back and the play must be made up. If I release and press again immediately the stroke is again very short. If there is little time between braking, the travel remains short. It never extends when the car is stationary.
I replaced the master cylinders, refurbished the calipers and all the pistons slide easily. I admit I don't really know what to do anymore.

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