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After being in storage for 22 years, 7146 will be back on the road tomorrow. My years of crawling around under cars are behind me, so I took it to the local Italian car specialist who has gone through it thoroughly.

This is a late 74 US GTS that is in pretty original condition. The Yellow Gold paint was redone, thankfully IMHO by a P/O 25 years(?) ago but is still in presentable condition. They installed welded flares at the same time.

I'm going to enjoy it for a while before deciding what, if any mods I'll do, but on the short list would be going to the correct GTS paint scheme, cutting off the welded steel flares and going back to riveted ones, modern shocks, SACC power steering, incorrect Euro bumpers, a poured race car style seat to get me more leg and headroom and perhaps a few more HP, depending how easily it comes along. The idea is to leave it mostly stock, but who knows?

Thanks very much to Bob Levitt and all my new Pantera friends who kept the subtle pressure to move the project forward on. Any thoughts, advise or visitors are welcome.

I'll report in with better pics shortly.



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Sorry - I was unclear. The car was originally Yellow Gold, repainted to red 25-30 years ago. The photo must have been taken from an an angle that deemphasized the flares, but they are there. Very similar in size and shape to the originals, just steel and welded on. This is a much cleaner look than the originals, but I think I'd rather go original. I have the originals - still painted Yellow Gold...

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