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I have the following parts for sale.

1 stock 1972 radiator. This is a used radiator and I am not sure of its condition as I have not used it.
1 set stock long cooling tubes. Another set of used stock pipes that I am not going to use. They were on a Western car and don't have holes in them anywhere. They need a cleaning.
4 fans. Two of them are stock and two are the Hayden fans that can push or pull.
I also have a set of halfshafts that are complete and in good condition. I am going to go to spicers but I am not sure as to whether or not I am going to let go of these prior to doing that. The question is do I need mine as donors? If not, I will sell them.

Let me know if this stuff is worth anything to you guys. I may put it all on a grab bag auction.

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