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I will be driving my Pantera from Arizona to the Palooza this weekend and bringing a chase truck with parts for the swap meet. 

Feel free to PM me and also let me know if some of this isn't worth bringing.  Just trying to help those that need original parts.




1. Fluidyne Radiator with USA fans, NIB never used, $1400 from PI Motorsports. Asking $500.  I ended up going with a Ron Davis Radiator.

2. Original Koni(S) $200.  I have the info and quote on where to send them if you want to have them rebuilt.  I went with coil overs from Quella.

3. Scheel Seats $200, each one has a tear. Will have to use your original seat rails.  These recline and actually fit better than the original seats.  If I don't sell them, I may have them recovered in a more period correct vinyl and use them.  They are blacker than the photo shows.

4.Original Radiator $75

5. Original radiator fans with brackets $150

6. Original AC Evaporator $25

7. Hall Headers with Wrap and mufflers, I never ran them on the car with the wrap. $200

8. Orig AC Condenser $25

9. Front and Rear Rotors $80. Front measure ~20mm thickness and Rears~ 18.4mm, no gouges, cracks or lips on the surfaces.  I went with the Wilwood setup.

10. Front Girling brakes that I resealed $125 but never used due to the Wilwood upgrade.

11. Rear Girling refirbs from Larry Stock $125. Never used due to the Wilwood upgrade.

12. Orig Alternator $10

13. Distributor $25

14. Original Holley Carb with NIB rebuild kit $100, went with Quick Fuel HR=650 instead.

15. Original Ammeter $75, I moved to using a Hall Voltmeter instead.

16. Original Proportioning and shuttle valve assembly $15.  I put new seals in the P-valve but ended up going to the Wilwood upgrade.

17. New Meziere Starter $100.  Paid over $600 at Summitt.  I couldn't get it shimmed correctly so I gave up.  I believe a few on this forum use it, which is where I got the info. Maybe someone will have better luck with it.

Meziere Enterprises TS408 Meziere True Start 400 Series High-Torque Starters | Summit Racing

18. MSD 8920 Tach adapter $40.  Hooked it up once but found out I didn't need it to work with my MSD distributor.

19. Lower Seat belt assemblies $25.


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