I'm interested in a 72-73 Pantera. I'm having a PPI performed on a Black 73 that is for sale at Canepa. Does anyone know of this car? I live in Florida and the seller claims the car resided here for a period of time. It was originally Yellow and has since been painted Black.

Kirk Brooks
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I want to thank everyone for your replies. Tony, where are you located in WPB? I live in Palm Beach Gardens (Caloosa). I'm very excited as well as very nervous. I'm a die hard air cooled Porsche guy, but I have always been in search of a nice Pantera.Does the fact that it has a color change and quite a few modifications change the game in the Pantera world? Thanks again. I will let you know how the PPI goes tomorrow.
Hi Kirk, feel free to ring me (916-813-8669) and/or stop by to chat. I leave for London for 10days at ~ 6p today.

I have cars other than Panteras (e.g. 2 911's).

Mods are very subjective in the Pantera world as the cars were engineered but not properly developed IMHO. I have noticed high values seem to be more commonly assigned to original low-mileage cars similar to most other marques.


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