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Hello, my name is Peter and I'm from Poland.
I recently bought a '74 US version Pantera, it is now prepared for painting. I would like it to be in original orange as from factory. I found some paint codes on Pantera sites but they are long since out of date. Does anyone have any present codes or maybe a paint formula?
I attached a photo of how the car looks like now.


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Hi Peter,
Welcome to the Forum, and congratulations on the progress you're making on your Pantera ... keep us posted on the project as you progress!

There's a few threads that discuss various colours, in terms of Orange, this thread talks about the original colour being "McLaren Orange"
- I did a quick search on McLaren Orange, and it looks like even it can be a challenge to pin down, but if you have a bit of time to read various threads, you might be able to find it (or someone here might already have it and can chime in).

You may have already seen this chart on the Pantera Place for '71 & '72 cars...

Hopefully that helps get you started in the search for the right colour mix.

Hi, reviving an old thread to hear if you found a modern paint code that corresponds correctly to the original Pantera orange colour? One of the Swedish guys has the body stripped and repaired and it is going into the paint shop soon and he wants it to be the correct orange colour as used originally on Panteras. He can't take any samples from the car as it was originally yellow.

Cheers, Tim..

Most likely you are going to need to have the color matched as best that you can.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Pantera colors were sourced from existing Mustang colors at the time.

You can find internet paint shops selling "factory matched original colors" for cars like the Mustang, Corvette, Porsche but having said that, the couple that I have tried are not spot on at all. They seem to be "approximations".

The issue in finding exact original colors is that the formulas are for no longer used paint systems. The colors that I have let my suppliers look for don't even come up in any listings so they don't even know where to start with to get a factory color match.

Even the Mustang colors like Wimbelton White are not right. I'm thinking though that in switching from one system to another, the base tints although being called the same are not so the tints wind up just a little different.

That makes it really tough to do a repair on just one door or fender without color blending it on the spot to match.

What is even worse, if that is possible, in going to touch something up, FROM THE ORIGINAL MIX YOU HAVE LEFT OVER, often doesn't match either.

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After seeing my father's Shelby's Marti and having other Mustang and Fairlane's Marti's I am not going to lie, the Pantera one is disappointing. Since the cars were ordered so much the same there is not much on there. If you were new to Panteras you wouldn't know about power windows, a/c, or even 351c or Zf. As you can see mine was ordered code 9 orange paint too. Despite this I still recommend having one for the pertinent information that is provided.


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