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I have started my A/C upgrade with a new expansion valve, line, dryer and compressor. My compressor is a Sanden SD5S with flare fittings made up by Larry Stock. I need a little guidance with the wiring. It has a pressure switch added on the back side of the compressor. Where do I run the new pressure switch wires to?

The car is a 74 and some of my wiring has been messed with. My old compressor was a Sankyo SD510 (not the original York) it had one red wire and this new one has one black with a bullet end on it.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

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Use David's drawing as a guide, but ignore the wire colors in his example.

The new pressure switch is going to be in series with the compressor and the wire (from the car's wire loom) that feeds the compressor.  

Connect the black wire from your compressor to the pressure switch terminal.

Connect the green wire (from the pressure switch) to the wire that was connected to you old compressor.



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