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To all the experts: mayme someone knows about car #113. It is for sale here in Austria. I cannot get access to the Pantera Registry, I tried it several times.
The Pantera has the side mirrors on the front fenders, that is unknown to me. And the color is red with black hood and the sides are black too, not sure, if that was a early style. See attached images. Thanks for any information here!




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Don't know the car but a ton of pictures on the registry.  Multiple entries by multiple owners each trying to sell the car.


129,000 EURO
Model, Body type: DeTomaso Pantera
Fabrication: 1971
Engine: 5763 cm³
Transmision: Mechanic
Mileage: 150 000 Kilometers

Technische Daten: V-8 Motor mit einem Hubraum von 5.763 ccm, einer Leistung von 241 PS, gekoppelt mit einem 5-Gang Schaltgetriebe. Deutsche Erstauslieferung mit gesamter Historie. Das Fahrzeug hat 6 Besitzer und wechselte nur zwischen Deutschland und Österreich. Aktuell hat es seit 2015 einen österreichischen Besitzer und österreichische Fahrzeugpapiere. Der Pantera ist einem technisch perfekten Zustand, hat keinen Wartungsrückstand und verfügt über den originalen Lack, ausgenommen die schwarze Lackierung an der Front- und Heckhaube, und die originale Innenausstattung. Er ist einer von 382 Stück gebauten Modellen mit „Push Button“, damit sind die Druckknopftürgriffe gemeint. Der Motor wurde 2007 überholt und ist seitdem ca. 50.000 Kilometer gelaufen, die Gesamtlaufleistung des Fahrzeuges beträgt ca. 150.000 Kilometer. Die Plakette im Innenraum trägt die originale und persönliche Unterschrift von Alejandro de Tomaso.

Specifications: V-8 engine with a displacement of 5,763 cc, a power of 241 hp, coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. German first delivery with complete history. The vehicle has 6 owners and changed only between Germany and Austria. Currently it has since 2015 an Austrian owner and Austrian vehicle documents. The Pantera is in a technically perfect condition, has no maintenance residue and has the original paint, except the black paint on the front and rear hood, and the original interior. He is one of 382 built models with "Push Button", which means the push-button handles. The engine was overhauled in 2007 and has since run about 50,000 kilometers, the total mileage of the vehicle is approximately 150,000 kilometers. The plaque in the interior bears the original and personal signature of Alejandro de Tomaso.

Last weekend  I visited the #113 Pantera. Very good condition, looks really great, it is a honest car, absolutely no rust. The red paint shows the age (is still the original paint), I would not mind that. But the hoods and the sides were later on painted in black which in my opinion does not fit the push button versions. And the side mirrors location looks a bit strange to me. I would have to paint these parts in red too, but it could be hard to match the rest of the car.

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