Hey Guys:
I am looking to get my Pantera appraised and was wondering if there are some services you would recommend? I am seeking an appraisal for two purposes:
1.) Insurance
2.) Inform price for potential sale

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I reside in New Jersey

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Hi Garth,
Thanks so much for the concern. No hardships at all. More guilt for not driving the pantera as much as I should. I would like my boys to participate in my love of cars but its hard with a two seater. Thinking about getting a 4 seater like an Alfa GTV so the whole family can participate. To be clear, I haven't decided yet; my primary inquiry is to make sure I have the right amount of insurance with a secondary objective of evaluating the price to inform a keep/sell decision.

All the best,
I did an appraisal on my cars once and had Dave Kinney with USAppraisal do it. He's based in Virginia and did a great job. He will not do a "directed" appraisal -- I mean, he will give you a totally unbiased appraisal based on the market -- which is what I wanted for insurance purposes. He is accredited with the American Society of Appraisers and is a senior member. I have no other affiliation with the man other than he did appraisals on my rides. Very professional, I would recommend and have him do it again on my rides if I needed it. His web page is as follows:


I'm sure there are other qualified people out there, but he is the only one that I have ever used and it was a great experience. It was not cheap, it cost me almost $2,000 for 4 vehicles; but again, I was satisfied with the results and he was very professional.

I checked out US Appraisals; looks like a solid service. I would use them if I was in the DC area but to come to NJ, it would cost in neighborhood of $2,500 for the appraisal.

Has anyone heard of Steve Linden? Jay Leno had him on his website a couple of times. He offers an appraisal through filling out a form for $150. Here is the website
Almost all top notch collector cars I have seen have used auto appraisal network. They have done my cars, and provide an indepth inspection and report with tons of photos too, then put it all in a binder and also e-version. They serve all states from what I understand, and recently did a MBZ I was considering in Michigan. As for my experience, I would never use anyone else. I can't recall the cost though, but $250 seems to ring a bell...check it out.
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