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Does anyone know which side the left-hand threaded axle should go on? I assume it matters.

I'm starting to wonder if the previous owner may have put the axles on the wrong side.  Someone definitely went at the axle nuts with something other than the removal socket as they are buggered up pretty bad.

Thankfully I was able to clean up and remove the axle nuts with the use of Larry's socket.

I noticed the RF spindle uses a left-hand thread nut so it seems like the RR axle would use the left-hand axle nut as well.  However, on my car the LR assembly uses the left-hand threaded nut.  Seems like they may have the axles on the wrong side.

Any thoughts?




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Over the years I've found front left hand nuts on BOTH sides, on cars that had never seen service. So apparently sold that way from the factory. One CA Pantera had a pushbutton (removable) right spindle while the left  side was the later integral forging type.

When L models came out in late '72, left hand threaded spindles disappeared while the stub axles always had lefties- also occasionally interchanged side to side. So given the mileage these cars get nowadays, it seems not to matter much.

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