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Hello everyone,

This year we started an extensive restoration of Mangusta number 834.
Now running I come upon a small mystery, hopefully for you guys this is a problem that will have occurred before.

There is no way I can find the correct diaphragms for the bonaldi brake booster.
Has anyone found parts for this, or is the only option another brake booster?
any other bonaldi is basically too big for the cramped mangusta dash and pedal placement.

I would like to let you know that after reading several treads I very much admire how the Detomaso community provides each other with information and helps whenever possible.

Kind regards from the Netherlands,


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You are retro-fitting power brakes? Mangusta's had non-powered breaks. Much easier to locate the Girling (non-power) booster. I don't have the info handy but I recall the unit was easy to find and not terribly expensive. Also, some of the brake lines are soft rubber, which I would imagine must to be converted to hardline if you go with power brakes. I would be a little surprised if that booster fit under the hood. I'll try to measure for you next time I'm in the garage.

Good luck!

Hate to be the bearer of true news......but the Mangusta very much DID come with power brakes!   Likely every last one of them did!

Booster is in the interior of the car, behind the instrument panel!   So much fun to get at..........!

If this was a Benditalia (Bendix Italy????)  piece, it could share parts with a similar Bendix boosters we see here?

Try a local booster rebuilder......but I presume you already have......they are rare fish to find these days!    There is one left here in San Jose........

POWER BRAKE EXCHANGE - 2870 Aiello Dr, San Jose, CA



YES! That could indeed be a BIG source of your requirement for a BIGFOOT!!!

There should be a 13mm pipe of sorts in the front boot area (under the covers?) which connects to the under dash booster via rubber hose. From there the pipe runs into and along the inside wall of the center spine, exits with the water tubes and continues down the LH side of the rear lower frame structure, turning upwards at the rear of the engine aprox at the engine/bellhousing joining line.

It continues upwards perhaps a foot or so, which is where it is supposed to connect to a 3/8" -13mm ID rubber vacuum line which travels up and connects to the rear of the intake fitting (that should be there!).

There should be a check valve on the booster itself, and these are known to go bad.....effecting a vacuum leak to the engine......but these can be checked easy enuf......  Ping me back if you need more on that....

Note in pic below, black tube at bottom left frame member, curves upwards, thru red shop towel and is capped with a green cap just peeking out over the frame reinforcement on the shock tower.   You can also see where it snakes around to the front and into the spine tunnel.  At this point I believe there is a rubber hose joint of sorts there.   I had removed the pipe to paint it is NOT one continual piece to the front of the car.




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Hello everyone,

Finally managed to test fit another brake booster.
I was able to get an 8 inch bonaldi model from our supplier.
Due to its 1inch larger size, it only just fits.
The wiring harness and heater have less room, but it just works!

Now that it has been fitted it can go back to the supplier to be reconditioned.

Thank you all very much for your input!


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I recall seeing "Benditalia" on a component......which was allegedly a deal between Bendix and Italy something or other......?????    It wouldn't surprise me at all if a Bendix diaphragm and internal parts are or could be sourced from a Bendix booster of the days???    Case is different of course, as it has the small bolt pattern for the brake M/C.  But you're looking for the innards!

I also recall seeing some new assemblies not that long ago, booster and M/C from some Euro parts source for Ferraris and Aston Martins???????  I thought Lee may have posted........   Someone must have posted it here....?????

Great progress pic's!!!! Keep 'em comin!!


Martin, your 8" booster may be the Gr-3 Pantera brake booster. I installed one in a CA street-racer Pantera back in the '80s that also barely fit. i was told (maybe by Wilkinson) that thanks to someone exceeding his personal skill-set, then running his home-repaired Pantera under a semi-trailer and his heirs suing the distributor, Bendix-Italia immediately stopped selling repair parts. After that, only complete assemblies were available. All 308-series Ferraris and maybe a few Maseratis also use the 8" booster. Never checked the Deauville/Longchamp booster sizes.

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