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Pretty soon I am going to be building a gas tank from scratch. The plan is to build one on the right side instead of the left. The main reason is the oil filter/access comes out on the left side so I plan on putting in the oil accumulator and cooler in the left area.

The plan is to make the tank from aluminum. I will tack it up but but I plan on taking it to the professionals to finish tig welding. I have made some aluminum tanks before but I am not about to chaise leaks on a gas tank.

Has anyone made aluminum tanks before? What do you recommend for aluminum thickness? Did you put in any baffles?
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the alcohol in todays fuels will DISOLVE aluminum

E85 is most certainly an issue with aluminum. They do not play well together.

However, the currently more common 10% ethanol is not a high enough strength to cause problems. Commercial fuel delivery systems, with aluminum parts, are rated compatible with the 10% blends.

As I don't think any of us are converting our Panteras to E85 compatibility, I doubt an aluminum tank will be an issue for normal use. In fact some of the early cars came with an aluminum tank from the factory.

Two issues involved with using "crops" for fuel: land and reliability of fuel supply.

Issue 1. Do you want your farmland used to produce fuel or food? As more farmland is turned over to producing fuel crops, less farmland is left to produce food, and the price of food will increase. Increasing ethanol usage has already impacted the price of food.

Issue 2. Oil can be pumped out of the ground as needed. Need more, pump more. Its reliable. Food crops are not reliable. They are susceptible to freezes, droughts, heat waves, water supply issues, insects, etc. Are you prepared for an un-relaible fuel supply?

cowboy from hell
what is the composition of E85 that reacts with aluminum ??

I Googled this last night.

The ethanol, in that high a percentage, will affect aluminum.

Now, why ethanol in the lower 10% range is not seen as an issue I could not really find answered.

But I do remember back-in-the-day that my personal experience DID show increased effects directly in proportion to the strength of the ethanol consumed. (beer vs. Canadian Mist, for example)


Originally posted by DeTom:
The only thing that can save our ass is gasification of coal. The Germans did it in WWII with little or no trouble. We have a 250 year supply of clean coal. The ONLY ones who don't like that idea are the enviro-wackos.

Depends upon what problem you're trying to solve, air pollution, foreign dependency, or global warming. My preference is LPG, propane!

Originally posted by accobra:
...what is the composition of E85 that reacts with aluminum...

Its conductivity (causes electrolysis), its affinity with water, its pH

...whats the shelf life of E85 as compared to gas...

I don't know, but I have read recommendations to use Sta-Bil in it, just like the recommendations for modern gasoline formulas
Depends upon what problem you're trying to solve, air pollution, foreign dependency, or global warming. My preference is LPG, propane!

LPG my preference too !

Im Europe many cars and trucks are using LPG .I have tried to convert my Service Vans to LPG ... but either there is no kit made or its not approved for use on the streets by the DOT in the USA.

Maybe now that the USA is trying to use alternate fuel the DOT may loosin up and let manufacterures make approved kits to convert Gas to LPG.

The new EFI is the ideal set up for LPG ... a carberator is a little difficult.

The only downfall is LPG is you may have a situation where you have a compressed cylinder in a minivan loaded with children.

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