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Hey Lash! No mystery. We usually have a GP Party.

But it's pretty lo key and relaxed when at my house and always dependent on weather. So it's last minute when I actually find out who's in or out.

We had fun with you guys a few years ago on the South Shore but the following year was in the cold rain of Little Italy.

Not sure I could handle your big crew at my house, but we'll stay in touch and hopefully connect this year!
As you can see from cool video from sjdennis, the further to the right you sit the better the view. High and to the right will let you see the cars come down the long straight then turn right in front of the start finish line and then down to all the action right here in front of you.

It doesn't matter where you stay. Most downtown hotels have safe indoor parking. If you stay downtown taking the metro to the track is easiest.
Originally posted by tajon:
Should i book my hotel downtown? Does it really matter if i stay there or by the airport. I'm hoping to bring the pantera but am somewhat concerned with traffic diwntown on saturday and the parking situation. Any thoughts?

You might try Airbnb. You can probably find a place with your own parking for the Pantera and I strongly suggest using Montreal's fine transit to get to the track and around the party venues downtown.

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