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Took 2811 to cars and Coffee at Shelby American this morning. Got mobbed! Shelby photographer wanted to use my car for a photo and video shoot. I'll post that when it goes online. Lots of attention, lots of pictures. Got a really nice compliment from a super nice guy who came over to look at my car and take pictures of it. Turned out to be Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American! Super nice guy. Also got to meet the legend, Peter Brock, who also loved my car. He pulled up in a Shelby Daytona. Great morning, lots of great people, and while not the only star, 2811 was one of THE stars of the show!

PXL_20220924_151529206_3PXL_20220924_151553531_2PXL_20220924_154715652_2 [1)PXL_20220924_154936073_2PXL_20220924_163436438_2PXL_20220924_165048179_2PXL_20220924_165653092_2


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