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I have a clutch reservoir leak somehow and its in the front boot right where my finger is in the picture.  I fill it up, it leaks right out after driving it for around 200 mile but I have no idea how it gets to that spot and I can't find the leak.  Any ideas?  This is an awesome forum. You all are incredibly helpful. Thanks!


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I hate to say the obvious but you need to look closer at your master cylinder.

there is no way for the fluid to magically appear in a spot on your front trunk carpet

it will not be escaping the hydraulic system when the system is static. If you have not done so already, you need to enlist the assistance of a second person to repeatedly depress your clutch pedal as you observe inside the trunk to locate the leak when the system is under pressure.

additionally, the location where the fluid leak is apparent may have no correlation to where the leak is occurring. Much like a leak in a home’s roof can travel rafters and leak into a room ceiling many feet from where it is actually entering the roof


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I'm confused. By front boot are you referring to the front trunk (frunk)? I would assume that is coming from the braking system not the clutch given the location. Since you are losing fluid rapidly have you had someone looking in the frunk why you pump the clutch pedal? And if its leaking that badly I'd think you would get air in the lines and the clutch would start to feel spongey.

Where are you in North Carolina?

Stop confusing yourself.

True, there are two hydraulic systems that use the same fluid and they are both adjacent to each other in the front trunk.


is the fluid level in the BRAKE master cylinder also going down? You made no mention of that, but now you are putting it forward as a possibility because someone else changes the topic to brakes when the topic is about clutch leaks??


have you enlisted the help of a second person yet? please do that before you start running off on wild goose chases

perhaps putting down a layer of newspaper in the front trunk, which will be a better indicator of leaking fluid, is something you should consider.

I developed my troubleshooting skills as a union electrician. It is a skill that not many actually possess. it involves making absolutely zero, Nada, no assumptions!

You have apparently discovered fluid is disappearing from your clutch master cylinder. This is your starting point


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Thanks Larry.  In my deduction, I was opening the possibility that there COULD be 2 problems not that there was. See, if my mind ONLY thinks there is one, then there is one. Just seeing if anyone else had the same experience prior to troubleshooting.  The brake fluid is normal. So it brings me back to, how does that fluid pool in that particular area?   Prior to this I noticed my clutch fluid low and that area wet with fluid. So I cleaned it up, topped off the clutch fluid and presto, back again.  Just haven't figured where that leak is since the reservoir is not even near it. Felt around the reservoir ect and non of it is wet.


The area you are pointing at in your photo is where leaks from the clutch or brake master cylinders tend to pool.  Since the clutch master cylinder is needing fluid then it should be the focus.  The clutch master can leak from three areas:

1. The reservoir where it seals to the master cylinder.

2. Inside the cabin where the clutch pedal actuates the piston.  If this areas is leaking it could find its way forward.

3. The connection of the hard clutch line to the master cylinder.

My guess is number two above.  It is a difficult area to access.  It is most practical to pull the driver seat.  You might find the source of the leak at the back of the clutch master.  If so, the clutch master needs replacement.

Regards, Steve

Is the clutch master wet with brake fluid either at the joint between the reservoir/cylinder body?  Clean well with alcohol, let dry and then wrap paper towel around it and cycle clutch.  wet towels will indicate leak.  Did hard line going through sheet metal become cracked?  Is line fitting wet?  All of these leaks will run down hill and pool where your finger is pointing.    Got to do the detective work to locate the source of the leak.  You also said car won't shift.  Are you saying you drained the fluid due to this leak?  If it is only "low" then non-shifting could be a different problem - like clutch master is leaking from the rear or leaking internally.

Is the leak fixed or is that still on your to do list?

not sure I understand what you mean when you say the oil leak is between the gasket and the master cylinder. Are you referring to an internal leak (commonly referred to an internal bypass seal failure) in the MC bore, as there is no gasket between the master cylinder and the pedal plate???


I’m aware of cautions against DOT 5 but not any cautions for DOT 4

if the fluid is confirmed to be leaking between the gap between the master cylinder and the pedal box plate what you are dealing with is an internal bypass leak. Caused by the internal rubber cup not sealing tightly against the bore and allowing fluid to pass beyond the cup seal.

generally the resolution is a new master cylinder as rebuild kits are, at best, difficult to locate.


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