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The new owners, whoever they may be, of Concorso have finally got a website up and running.
Currently registration for your car is $160, but you better hurry because on May 1, that is just eight days, it goes up $35 to become a $195 admission ticket.
Based on past years’ declining attendance and attractions, the question now is whether it is worth attending to see what they come up with this year??
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"Another one bites the dust"  Sad as I have many great memories when CI was at the Quail Lodge and other locations including the current location when you would see a lines of cars the entire fairway.  

Something has changed that it no longer draws the same crowd like the Quail does.  I guess too many competing events and everybody went and got old.

The Concorso has changed hands again. The new owner, fourth owner of the event, is Solare Holding, LLC. The  event chairman and founder of Solare Holding is Richard D Andrade. Whereas the previous 3 owners of the Concorso were all based in the state of Washington, Mr. Andrade appears to be a Monterey local.

This year's event is scheduled for Saturday August 17, 2024.

I have no other info at this time.

Time will tell how the event shall unfold.


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