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Here' a teaser picture of this year's trophies.

trophies 2022

An explanation for the newer members. The Concorso has an awards program based on "originality", each marque has first second and third. The first place of each marque competes for best of show. Pantera International has an awards program too, where customs, drivers, unique cars, can be awarded as well. The trophies in the picture are for the Pantera International awards program. I think our trophies are better than the Concorso's.

Each year Debbie and I bring a gift for each entrant and their passenger. This year it's the coffee mugs.

Debbie and I are fond of you all. The Concorso is our annual chance to get together with you. We really look forward to this opportunity. We hope to see you there. If you haven't entered your car yet, it's not too late.

If you have trouble finding lodging, go a 1/2 hour up the coast to the Santa Cruz area, that's where we stay.



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  • trophies 2022
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