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Most members wish to contribute to the forums, but are sometimes at a loss to figure out what to contribute, or how to contribute. Here's a little list that may help. People come to Pantera International for 10 general reasons:

(1) For news of specific interest to De Tomaso owners.
(2) For event information, and post-event reports.
(3) For camaraderie, encouragement, laughter, and to meet other enthusiasts.
(4) For entertainment of the De Tomaso variety.
(5) To find and view pictures and/or videos of De Tomaso automobiles.
(6) To buy and sell cars and parts.
(7) For assistance and information regarding ownership related issues.
(8) To learn about the De Tomaso marque, De Tomaso cars, and their history.
(9) For technical assistance and information.
(10) Some folks are interested specifically in 351C information (they don't own a Pantera, but another vehicle powered by a 351C).

Debbie and I know every member can contribute something within that context, even if its just a word of encouragement, a picture of your car, or a joke you've recently come across. If you've been wanting to contribute we hope that this list will help. If you've never introduced yourself, please start with an intro in Alejandro's Pub.
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