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I removed the engine from my early 1971 Pantera to do some repairs and upgrades. The person before me installed a MSD6A. A tach adapter was never installed and there are 3 cut wires left dangling. One is blue, one is blue with a black spiral stripe and the other one is white or yellow. I have my tach and speedo removed and at the shop getting serviced. I was just wondering if these are the wires that go to the MSD and coil? My AC was also disconnected and I need to know which wire goes to the AC clutch?IMG_9846


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You will have to provide us more information if you expect Pantera wizards to solve your problems for you

you describe the wires as blue, blue with black stripe and a wire that is either white or yellow.

from your photo it appears you do not have a blue wire but you do have two blue with black stripe wires. Those appear to be stock OEM wires. The wire you label as white or yellow, between the two blue/black wires in your photograph, does not appear to be an OEM wire. Additionally, the red wire to the left in your photograph also does not appear to be an OEM wire.

if you will trace the wires in question to determine where they are headed and/or coming from that would be of assistance to those of us that will try to do long distance diagnostic for you. Perhaps the non-OEM wires transition with a splice to an OEM wire and that information would also be of value.

do you have a continuity tester and/or voltmeter and appropriate jumper wires to test and confirm your wiring?


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Sorry I was being lazy. Using a volt meter I have identified the blue wire with the faded black strip is the tach trigger wire. The red wire goes to one side of the ballast resistor. The white wire is hot when the ignition switch is on. I do believe the white wire is OEM because it disappears into the unmolested part of the harness. I haven't figured out what the remaining blue/blk stripe wire is or where it goes. Can somebody look at there 71 and see what color wire that connects to the A/C compressor ?    

Donny, as for your wiring not matching the schematic you got with the car, be aware there are at least 4 different schematics, and due to frequent running changes during production, only a rare Pantera matches ANY of them perfectly. The usual plan is to look at your cars build date and find a schematic with a published date as close as possible to your build date. Then, annotate your schematic as you find differences and never lose that corrected schematic. You'll likely also find one or two wires that change color inside the wiring loom....

Whenever I feel unhappy about an incorrect Pantera schematic, I remember an acquaintence in CA that owns two Bizzarini 5300 Stratos. He says they're very different and the later build uses all-white wires!  Welcome to the world of low production Italian sports cars!

I peeled the  original protective covering from the wire loom all the way back to where it splits off to the rear of the car. The light blue wire goes to the condenser fan, but it does not have a splice going to the compressor. I'm the first one to monkey around with this area of the harness so this is stock. I have a dumb question.


How do you turn the A/C on so I can check for voltage at the condenser fan? Is this the thermostat switch? Should I throw all the stock A/C stuff in the trash and buy a Vintage Air unit?


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