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The barefoot American model pictured below is perched upon a Serenissima racing prototype circa 1968.


There is of course a De Tomaso connection; a story that intertwines the republic of Venice, De Tomaso, Count Giovanni Volpi, the Ferrari Palace Revolt of 1961, ATS, Scuderia Serenissima, Tom Tjaarda, Mangustas and Panteras.



I'm not going to take the time to compose a story and post pictures if nobody is interested. So if you're curious … let me know.


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scifi posted:

Yes, Please! Especially interested in the Serenissma Ghia GT. Is the car's location known today? Thanks.

De Tomaso's Serenissima prototype (Ghia GT) had been in the possession of Count Volpi since new (after being shown at the Turin, Geneva, and New York auto shows) .

He sold it at auction in France on Feb.8, 2019. It sold for 452,960 € (approx. $513,883).  I've seen no mention of the buyer's identity, I believe it was kept private.

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George, that would be MUCH appreciated!!

Serenissima & Volpi really catch my attention.  (I recall seeing a heavily cropped picture of a front-engine prototype V12 coupe commission by Mr. Volpi in at late 60's - in Road & Track mag probably? - The image showed only the front haunches, never seen a picture of the whole car but it must have been cool...)


George HI

I am severely impressed on your drive for the DT mark! Please go ahead with intuisasm for this story... .... view from a EU Pantera 73 GTS newbeeee..

Danke George....I am still the curious George

..well and barefoot..good, I still drive my Pantera  BARE FOOT..better feeling if you understand..and no sweat in the socks/shoes..more smile


I don’t think influence but evolution based on “a” Mangusta by Tjarda. I would be curious to put this on a lift and compare with a Mangusta. I you look back at Ghia many designs were recycled into new projects.  Still it is a stunning car.

(From Facebook)
Lost in the '60's: 1968 Serenissima Ghia GT
Serenissima was an Italian car maker, conceived when Count Giovanni Volpi di Misurata and Alejandro de Tomaso joined forces with some former Ferrari employees.
Dutch-American car designer Tom Tjaarda was assigned the project at Ghia. He had just finished the Tomaso Mangusta. Alejandro de Tomaso bought Ghia in 1967.
This one-off concept car was powered by a 3.5 litre Alf Francis M-167 V8 engine, with 320 bhp at 7500 rpm.


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