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Building on the success of last year's event, the Pantera Club of
Northern California is hosting:
The Second Annual PCNC Swap Meet on Saturday, 4/21.
This is the Time & Place to buy, sell or trade. 10 am until ???

There is NO COST to display ! NO COST to enter ! MUST bring at least one part to gain admittance !

I'm sure you have something you want to let go, and there is
someone that wants it. You want to find a few things, and there
will be someone that has it. So this is your chance !

To see some of the great items offered last year, visit the club website:

This event is also a Tech Session, to complete the last details necessary
before the trek to Vegas ! The BBQ runs all day too !

So whether you come to buy, sell, trade or fix.....
This is the EVENT !

Location: The Sharp Pantera Heaven !
445 Valley Oak Drive, Morgan Hill CA.

Need directions ?
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Hey gang,

Time almost again for the PCNC pre-Vegas tech session and swap meet.
Shelley and I attended last year, coming a little over 1000 miles to break
apart my steering rack and give it a rebuild. Yes, you heard right, there
we were, my Pantera on the rack, in the air with no steering rack. And we
still had to make it to Las Vegas.

Well, that was the maximum of our worries, and it really wasn't anything to
worry about. With all the great people that attend these events, there is
no lack of experience or help.

I'm not sure if it was last year, or previously, but PCNC started having a
Pantera swap meet at the same time as the tech session. Last year was
GREAT!! There were, I think, no less than two full sets of Campy wheels
for sale, one set of which sold for a hundred bucks. Yes, a set of Four
original campy wheels for $100. What a bargain, especially when you see
them advertised for over $500 elsewhere.

There was no shortage of 4V heads in good condition, various manifolds,
carbs, distributors, interior pieces, exterior pieces, etc. A lot of good
deals went down early and often. By the time I got out from under my car
there were still a lot of good deals to be had.

This is a great time to stock up on hard to find parts, or find that part
you've been looking for. If it's not there, it's almost a good bet you can
find someone who has one back in thier garage and just might be willing to

Not only are there parts at these events, many times there are cars for
sale too. I think there has been a Pantera for sale at every Tech Session
I've been to. And let's see, I've been to at least two so far, and I know
of cars that were for sale at other sessions I missed.

This really is an event not to be missed. Tech Session fever has gripped
the Pantera community, and for good reason. There are sessions popping up
all over the United States now, east coast, west coast, north and south.
The place to be if you are a Pantera fan, is at one of these events.
Whether you own, are looking for, need help on your car, or just want to
ask a whole lot of questions.... this is the place to find the answers.

I took a plane ride to my first one, drove to the second and God willing,
will be arriving Saturday morning on the 21st for the lastest one. I'l be
doing some work on the Pantera, and looking around at all the good deals.

So you better come early, or I might buy up all the good parts. : )

See you there.
Asa Jay
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