Back by popular demand ! I had these labels (some call decals or stickers) made from high quality UV vinyl and UV inks. They will not fade or fall apart. You can’t believe the comments people make. Usually look at the decal and then a quick look at the speedometer confirms their thoughts. They are a blast.

Size is 2-1/2” x 1”. Satisfaction guaranteed!

My email is

2 labels for $5.00
4 labels for 10.00
12 labels for 20.00

Please send check and return address to:

Dave McManus
c/o Damar
5602 Elmwood Ave., Suite 208
Indianapolis. IN 46203

All of the above prices include delivery,
No shipping and handling BS!



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100 % satisfaction guaranteed

Yes, they're very good, have them on a few of my cars, good conversation starters. If a kph version is made, why not go all the way and state 300 kph? Lots of cars do 260 kph these days.
Originally posted by Hemihunter:
I would like 4 postage cost to Sydney Australia 2148? Paypal?

I will check on the postage, thanks.
Hi MauraderMike,
If you look above,in my original post,my mail to address and costs are shown. Please send check with your order. I will send them out the same day.

My email is:

Thank you.
Originally posted by The Pope:
Satisfaction ? My car is no faster with sticker . . . . . (sad face)

Yes but it's way safer. Nobody's getting their head sucked out the window, when you're running at hyper-speed.

My car normally runs above 160, maybe you better check on your motor? You might need a tuneup.


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