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The car has been sporadically advertised for the last 10 years in various places.

Apparently, no takers, because the ad-writer seems to remain the same.  But the price keeps going up with each submission!

Last time I noticed it it was $215K.  Now it’s $250K.

In the past, the owner has been pretty gruff, and doesn’t want to waste time by providing pictures….  (Actually to his credit, there are more pictures than he typically provides in this eBay offering…)

His responses were typically along the line of what’s contained here in an eBay complaint…

”Shoes did not pass authentication. Worst experience ever... I tried to cancel transaction and I get this response:  "you knew what you were doing so please grow up and move on this is the last message we are going to respond to as it seems you are in denial about the simple facts of life and responsibility."



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