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I just thought I would pass on something interesting I am working on. It seems some times nothing is ever easy. The electric power steering pump tank I am using has a plastic tank. The return line is right in a bulkhead. I tried plugging it and adding a different return port but it was a half ass job and decided to do it right.

I pulled the tank and made a new tank form aluminum with the return line in the correct spot:

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Gary, It is simply fun watching you be creative. You operate at a higher level. I love it.

BTW, I was at an autoparts store in Houston, TX buying a part for my Pantera. The counter guy tells me that he is restoring an MG and knows a guy with an MG and a Pantera. I said "Gary" and he replied, "yeah, that's his name. He is on the internet". Your famous!
MGOC which is set up for an MGB:

There was a LOT of work to make this work; more then I would recommend. The front was modified to make the rack fit. A frame was made to mount the rack which is also a frame stiffener.

A special mount was made for the electric pump to push it up where most put the battery drop down box. I have posted this before but I spent a great amount of time re-working the rack to the proper width and brought bump steer to ZERO:

Now that it's done, it is pretty cool but it was a long road to get here. Advantages of the electric pump is that it can be turned on and off.

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