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I have noticed that in 71, 72 and 73 there are factory holes in the wheel wells just forward of the half shafts. Good place for water to get in and cause rust. Yet my 74 does not have these. You can see where they were stamped but no holes. Is this normal?
Here is a pic of my 72 with hole forward of half shaft.


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The metal I used was coated already. We have a skid load so that helps. Everything I prepped was either zink primed or epoxy primed. The weld areas obviously cleaned before welding.

There is quite a bit of unseen work from the underside. The rear upright was rebuilt. Who ever rebuilt it the last time should be tarred and feathered. I cut it out and completely re-did it:

Along the way I cleaned up the bottom rail a little and welded in a flat piece where the arrow it pointing to give a better spot for jacking:

If you look directly left of it where the ZF pokes through, and slightly down from there, there is a piece shaped like a triangle also welded in. You can see the rectangle drain slots.

You can see it here a little as well:

I know what you meant. And your car was a great driving car. I just have this thing about driving other peoples cars; unless it is a sponsor so to speak. You are very gracious!

Yes it does motivate me. The Ashville trip motivated me. I am hung on a few things right now. As soon as I can get past the hang I think it will go together quite quickly.

I have new a-arms ready to be laser cut as soon as we can get on top of the customers. When I get the a-arms done this will help break loose the hangup on the front end.
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