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I found simply by accident that in my Home Depot the "Moving Blankets" were the exact black thick felt that was installed in the car originally.

At around $20 it is a bargain. Not all Home Depot locations carry the same exact product even though they may have the same Skew number so keep that in mind.

Both of the trunks are not for novices. You need to stretch the material in spots to get the wrinkles out. I'm thinking originally the factory used heat guns on it so getting the right adhesive is essential as well.

Kudos for your attemp. From here it looks d black!

You may need several blankets if you are like me. I don't know how to stretch the stuff, which you need to and the headliner adhesive is not the best for it either.

It also shrinks a little so when you start off you cut it nice and tight in the square corners. Overnight you will find that those joints have opened up a bit since the material shrank.

As I said also, the material in the moving blanket in your HD may be different. It depends on who the local supplier is.

The one I had (past tense) is pretty thick like the original deTomaso material was. There were no HD's in Italy back then.

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