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Looks great Steve. I need to ask as I am struggling to find wheel caps for my Coddington Clones. Did these wheels have a separate cap that pushed into the wheel that the Isis logos were glued to? Or the traditional Campy style where the logo center is secured by the spring "C" clip ? And Wilkinson will only tell me that he does sell Coddingtons. Below is what I am working with on the Coddingtons.




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Hi Jeff,

They have a separate cap that is pushed into the wheel (I used a soft mallet) and the Isis logo is glued onto that cap.  They are a snug fit and are not falling off.  I do not have a photo of them but they are similar to the one in your photo.  They even have the same o-ring.  If you want I can remove one, measure it, and take pictures of it.



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FWIW, Here's my 2 cents worth w.r.t. the Campy Clones. As far as I know Marino at Pantera East had Coddington spin up the original Campy Clones, and Pantera East had exclusive rights to the design. I believe there were three iterations of the wheel.

The first version in the area where the two sausage openings are was flat and unpolished .

The second version (that I purchased in 2002) adjusted the proportions and added the angle and polished the area where the two sausage openings are. The OEM cap is secured with the spring clip as the stock wheels.

The third and last version (2005) had a more aggressive look with deeper cuts and angles.

There's a brief description of the Pantera East Coddington wheels on the Pantera Place Web site.

All others selling Campy Clones had to have the design changed enough as to not infringe on the exclusive rights of the Pantera East Coddington Campy Clone. That being said, Pantera East is no longer in business. Therefore, those rights probably no longer apply. Regardless, I do notice when a Campy Clone is not a Pantera East Campy Clone.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it...


Diameter is 2.465 inches.385FF077-09B3-4303-BE0F-B647AD6B9A7508997B8D-BB99-43FA-8A2C-AFFC9571802E

Steve, That appears to match the Coddington cap and would work. Unfortunately, All Wilkinson will say is he does not sell Coddington wheels. I even asked him to refer me to his wheel company. I received no reply back, even though I am trying to buy other parts from him.  I guess he does not want to deal with these type of piddly parts. The last time I actually talked to him about any available Pre Ls for sale he seemed put out and cranky. Too bad as he probably has the largest inventory of Pantera parts of any vendor and over the next few months or so I have a lot of needs. My best experience and still favorite is Tara at Hall. The granddaughter of Gary and has always and still is a pleasure to talk to. Their inventory is not what it used to be but if she does not have it she is kind enough to suggest other vendors who might.

It doesn't matter whether Wilkinson sells Coddington wheels or not. Will he sell you 4 center caps, on the understanding that if they don't fit your wheels, he'll take them back? 

You could also take your center caps to a machine shop and have them machine the dome off, leaving a flat surface to glue a logo to.

Wilkinson used to have a retired machinist make his wheels for him. The guy had a CNC milling machine in his garage. He would then take the centers and hoops to a welder to have them put together.

Also, further to what Ron wrote above; it's my understanding, the second version of the Pantera East wheels were machined from a forged billet. These wheels still had stepped rims, the correct center bore and used the OEM logos and retainers. The third and final version is not a Pantera East wheel, it's a Coddington wheel. It does not use a stepped rim, it does not have the Pantera center bore size and uses the domed Coddington center caps. 


Wilkinson will definitely sell you the centers.  Just call him in the morning and request to order them.  I was at his shop today and showed him the pictures that are in this posting above.  Just ask for the centers that he provided to me for those wheels.  If there are any complications please send me a PM and I will try to help.

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