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I am posting this email for a local friend in SoCal.  These are real cars that I have seen and not a scam.   Perhaps someone is looking for a car, project or parts car.  Contact John directly.   The links are SAFE and contain pictures of each car.    

Here is his email:

As some of you know, a couple years ago I inherited 4 panteras from my brother who passed.  Up until now I was trying to decide what to do with the cars but a recent health issue of my own has changed my plans and I have decided to sell them all.  Cars 1 and 2 are in Austin Texas,  and cars 3 and 4 are in Carlsbad, CA.

1).  A 1971 fixer

This car had been hit in the right rear back panel easy fix for a good metal guy.  The front left fender has apparently been replaced and was not replaced correctly.  As far as I can tell, there appears to be minimalt damage to the internal structure.  I don’t have a title for this car, but I do have a bill of sale from a licensed dealer in Colorado.  This will need a bonded title.  The car is located in Austin Texas.   Asking $55k

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2.). a 1973 parts car.

As you can see major damage to the front.  Bought this as a parts car.  I have a title.  Some decent parts such as aluminum heads, demon carb. Brembo brakes.  This car is in Austin Texas.   Asking $25k

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3.) Yellow 1973.

I have a thick folder on this one.  This was bought as an incomplete project from someone else.  Basically almost everything has been upgraded.   I have over $40k in receipts from this.   I may end up keeping this.  This car in in Carlsbad, CA. Asking $65k.

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4.). Red 1973 Driver .

a 1973 with 43k on the odometer. purchased in 2013 and put it into storage about 2015.  I have a folder of records/receipts from the previous owner who did a lot of upgrades in 1999.  He spent about $37,000 on upgrading including:

  • rebuilding the engine - 371 hp
  • rebuilding the ZF  (new ring and pinion)
  • tan interior
  • dropped drivers pan
  • new cooling, koni shocks,  etc.

" src="blob:" alt="2255737A-343E-4A81-AE76-2399F4EF89D2.jpeg" class="Apple-web-attachment Singleton" style="opacity: 1;">

The car has about 8,000 since that time and there are no major issues that I know of.  A couple of the gages don’t work as well as the driver’s door window.  I drive it about once a month and have had no issues.  Because it has seen very little use over the past 10 years it could use some tlc.  I had planned to switch the interior back to black and have purchased correct seat covers, seat foam and a carpet kit from SACC restorations which are included in the sale.  Asking $82,000

If you have any questions, you can reach me at 769-458-3331


John Maston

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