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Well, all has been going good...too good. Since #2463 got it's new coat of paint, it has been running flawlessly. Until today.
It appears that my mechanical Holly Fuel Pump has completely crapped out while running down the highway. It will fire with the gas in the accelerator pump, so the spark is good. I unplugged the fuel line at the carb "T" and get absolutely no fuel flow when I turn the engine over. It is not vapor lock because it has been running in 90 to 100 degree temps lately with no problems. It is in the low 80s today and the engine was hardly warmed up. This pump is only 5 years old. I had another car with a Holley pump that went bad after about the same period of time.
Anyway, I need advice. The engine is stock with a Holley 750, a Performer Manifold, headers, and MSD Ignition. Pretty standard stuff.
What pump should I be looking for? Another Holley (which number), or something else? Can I rebuild mine? Or should I trash it?
Is there anything I should know before I pull the pushrod falls out if I'm not careful? How about gasket sealer...yes or no?
Any advice will be appreciated.
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THe Holley mechanical fuel pump has a very bad reputation, a high rate of failure, its not recommended at all. The Holley electric pumps aren't much better.

I advise keeping the mechanical fuel pump for safety & noise level reasons. The best mechancial fuel pump you can purchase for the 351C is available here:

RobbMc Performance

Its pricey, but the best always is. This is "real deal" race equipment, built like the no longer available Carter NASCAR fuel pump. Its rebuildable.

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George just how do you know all of this??? I love the specs on this pump:
Fits Ford 351C/M/400 V8
For Engines Up To 550 HP
Can Be Upgraded to an 1100HP
Valve Body Can Be Rotated To Any Angle: No Disassembly Required
Maximum Output Pressure: 7.5 PSI
Inlet And Outlet Ports: 3/8 NPT
Recommended Fuel: Gasoline or gasohol (up to 10% alcohol)
Recommended Line Sizes: 3/8” (or –6AN) MINIMUM
Recommended Pre-Filter: Factory In-Tank Filter or RobbMc PN 1024
No external regulator needed, what a nice piece of equipment. Max performance and ease of use. Just what the doctor ordered.
I had the same problem on my car, refused to start one day, spark ok but no fuel from the pump outlet. Ordered a new pump and fitted it and still the same. Eventually traced the problem to an air leak in the pipe attatched to the sender unit, I refitted the original Carter pump as the Holley looked badly made and finished, and the design has a gasket sealing both halves of the pump body together, which to me looks like its gonna leak at some stage.
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